Fraud Managed Services Solution

A fully integrated & customized consultancy solution, which also operates as outsourced, helps your organization with day-to-day business processes, providing fraud management protection against challenges (e.g. Internet Of Things fraud scheme, payments fraud scheme) The service of Fraud Managed Services Solution aims to accelerate the implementation of a fraud management strategy (via fraud experts) and minimises revenues in terms of quality and cost effectiveness. The following approach is applicable in different industry areas (e.g. banking, telecoms, insurance etc).

In Fraud Managed Service Solutions, our methodology and approach is based on:


Prevention. Assess & implement a prevention program.

  • Policies and procedures development & review
  • Risk assessments
  • Recommendations reports based on findings
  • Awareness & training programs


Detection. Design & implement new and existing detection methods.

  • Deploy efficient operational controls & mechanisms
  • Effective first level analysis of fraudulent cases
  • Utilisation of IT systems/ infrastructure (e.g Billing, Data-Warehouse, Fraud Analytics, Fraud Management Systems)


Response. Design & implement processes for immediate actions.

  • Processes/ controls for immediate actions and relevant KPIs implantation.


Evaluation. Fraud management program evaluation.

  • In – depth analysis of fraudulent cases.
  • Data Mining & Analytics.
  • Evaluate operational controls efficiency (KPIs).


Fraud Risk Assessments (FRAs)

Fraud Risk Assessments (FRAs) provides the ability to detect and measure fraud risks at each level of your organisation. Data Technology Innovative (DTI) Solutions offers Fraud Risk Assessments (FRAs) for new or existing products, services & procedures. Our approach focuses on risks identification & explanation and on how these risks are addressed and minimized with appropriate controls. The monitoring of real transactions and actual data can lead to the root cause of the problem, rather than the symptoms and make sure that solutions are applied to the real issues at hand.


Fraud  Training & Awareness

Fraud Awareness and Training is an integrated program designed to cover all aspects of Fraud Management. Our service can be customized based on your business needs, from the C-Level executives to the line managers operations (retail & wholesale business, call centers etc.). Our training provides fully understanding of the type of fraud scenarios applied in your business, and the suggested procedures followed (define business priorities, design scenarios & operational thresholds for tracking suspicious behavior), so as business expectations towards controlling of business revenues are met.


Fraud Consulting & Investigations

Data Technology Innovative  (DTI) Solutions offers fraud consulting services & investigations on different areas of industry such as:

  • Telcos (Internet of Things – IOT, International Revenue Share Fraud, Payments Fraud, Arbitrage, Pay-TV systems etc)
  • Banking (Transactional/ Payments Fraud)
  • Insurance (Falsified Ιnsurance Policies)


  • Fraud risk management framework and strategy develop based on your business needs tailored for your business.
  • Technology-based fraud threats detection, both internal and external.
  • Design/ development reporting mechanisms for Fraud Analytics export.
  • Development of processes & controls for the detection of suspicious activities, transactions, and events of certain business cycles.
  • Advising on improvement actions related to processes and controls to reduce the risk of recurrence.
  • Demographic & in – depth analysis of tracked fraud cases