Stop online fraud in realtime

Solutions to stop fraud and make authentication easier and more powerful.

Iovation’s intuitive products give you the power to spot and stop fraud attempts by even the smartest, sneakiest criminals. Your business is unique. Tailor your fraud prevention strategies with industry-specific fraud reports confirmed by fraud experts. Worried about account takeover, synthetic identities, application fraud? What about chat abuse, policy violations, promotion abuse, romance scams? We have you covered.




FraudForce recognizes any device and stops fraud attempts by evaluating associated accounts and devices, past history and suspicious behaviors. Customize your fraud prevention solution business rules to identify evasion methods, geolocation anomalies, unusual velocities, fraud reports data inconsistencies, botnet and proxy detection


SureScore, our powerful machine learning platform, monitors transactions and activity patterns that predict fraudulent behavior. Our models analyze hundreds of device attributes and are trained on millions of confirmed fraud reports to deliver a single risk score.


ClearKey allows you to register your consumers’ known safe devices to their accounts. Every time a consumer logs in, check if the device is authorized for that account or exhibits risk signals such as geolocation anomalies, data inconsistencies, anonymizing proxies, TOR networks, and other evasion methods.


LaunchKey secures every consumer interaction, whether online or offline. Keep consumers safe at all touchpoints and provide a great experience.