Fraud Management Services

Manage fraud and boost conversion with our services & solutions.

We provide an innovative fraud management system, products and features to defend your company against the latest attack techniques.  Managed fraud services combine the most technologically advanced solutions in their category. This results in the detection of malicious patterns, that through them criminals abuse the services of organizations and endanger the end user. In addition, through its systems for detecting, protecting, and dealing with online fraud, DTI Solutions offers services for the investigation and analysis of individual fraud cases to large organizations such as Financial Institutions and Electronic Gaming Companies. The systems and services offered are built with the most advanced technology standards and use machine learning algorithms that are constantly being powered to deliver optimal results. 

  • Comprehensive payment analysis and business intelligence flow 
  • Continuous data collection across all payment channels in real time 
  • Fraud Investigations 
  • Fraud risk assessments and data analysis (FRAs) 
  • Support and management services in information systems for protection against electronic fraud incidents.  


With almost 100% successful asset recovery track record for fraud investigations, we have gained our client’s trust as far as the quality of the provided services is concerned.