250+ million endpoints. 500K+ companies worldwide. One security software company.

For over 30 years, Trend Micro’s unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Security is our entire focus, and it shows. This single-minded passion has inspired our innovations that keep up with the bad guys despite a changing IT landscape, riskier user behavior, and constantly evolving threats. The depth of our experience remains unmatched. From the endpoint to the network to the cloud, we’ve got you covered with a connected threat defense recognized by analysts, customers, and industry gurus of all kinds. 



Hybrid Cloud Security

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ allows you to automate security within your DevOps processes and deliver multiple XGen™ threat defense techniques for protecting runtime physical, virtual, cloud, and container workloads, as well as scanning of container images in the software build pipeline. Deep Security combines the capabilities of multiple security tools, reducing the number of point solutions you need and providing a single dashboard that gives full visibility into leading environments like AWS, Google Cloud™, Microsoft® Azure®, and VMware®. Our platform lowers the cost and complexity of securing workloads across multiple environments by giving you purchase options aligned to the way you want to buy. This allows for automation of security operations, via extensive application programming interface (API) integration, and giving you security capabilities that can virtually shield servers from the latest advanced threats like ransomware and network-based vulnerabilities.

Network Defense

Trend Micro Network Defense, powered by XGen™ security, goes beyond next-gen IPS to provide a blend of cross-generational techniques that apply the right technology at the right time to deliver integrated detection and prevention of known, unknown and undisclosed threats. XGen™ security protects your network with a smart, optimized and connected security technology approach.

User Protection

There is no silver bullet that stops all of today’s evolving threats. You need smart security that uses the right technique for each type of threat without slowing you down. Security that is connected by using multiple layers to stop emerging threats and reduce management overhead. Security that is optimized to work in your environment from a forward-thinking, proven vendor that is always working on the next generation of security. It’s time to think seriously about Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites.

SMART: Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites are powered by XGen™ security, a unique blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques and market-leading global threat intelligence that protect more effectively across the broad range of threats.

OPTIMIZED: Smart Protection Suites are specifically designed for and integrated with leading endpoint and mobile environments, enterprise applications, and cloud applications. This minimizes IT and administrator impact.

CONNECTED: Smart Protection Suites adapt to protect against future attacks and evolve to find new threats by sharing threat intelligence amongst the security layers. The solution minimizes impact by keeping users running smoothly and reducing management time with centralized visibility across endpoints, email, web, and SaaS services. With over 25 years of innovation in security, Trend Micro is your partner to fight today’s and tomorrow’s threats.